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The affordable website is made by DogMa Design.

Review: Rianne helped us (FraGoChamp) bigtime making our website. Good tips and good tricks. You just have to know what to look for. And she knows!

DogMa Design has been making affordable websites for over 10 years.

We service:
  • (small) companies,
  • foundations,
  • clubs and
  • others in need of a affordable website.
We have made a lot of people happy with a beautiful affordable website.

We base almost all websites on a CMS (content management system).

  • your website can be online quickly
  • you can easily make changes on your own website.

Why spend money on an affordable website?

You can make a website for free? Yes, you can. Or you can ask a family member. But what if this family member doesn’t have time for your website anymore? Who is going to help you then? And how do you make sure your website is found by all search engines? Which information should you provide on your website and which information should you leave off your website? These are all questions DogMa Design has an answer to.

And if you invest in a great website, you will earn this money back!

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A few examples:

Harmonie Sint Antonius

Checkout this website...

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